EBAY charges fees for listing items for sale and also charges a percentage of the sale price of each item sold. These charges do not apply when items are purchased directly from the ExamTools website.

It takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to enter all of the program data into the calculator, if you know the calculator, and the data must then be checked for accuracy.

All of the data has to be typed into the calculator manually. The exam board does not permit the use of any calculator that has automatic data entry capabilities, which is why a more advanced programmable calculator such as the HP 49G+ is not offered by ExamTools. The calculator’s memory chip is an integral component of the main circuit board inside the calculator, and so it cannot be removed and linked to a PC for auto programming. We use a unique programmer device, designed and built to enter data by pressing the keys with solenoids. The data is checked manually before the calculator is shipped out.

No special programming skills are needed to enter or execute any of the programs. The instructions provided in each version of the program guide are very simple and provide the exact keystrokes required to enter the data.

The EBAY website has independent feedback comments listed by people who have purchased these calculators and used them in the exams. In order to view these comments, go to www.ebay.com and search for the User ID “ExamTools”, then review the feedback comments and ratings left by Buyers. The individual buyers can be contacted through EBAY via e-mail.

The calculator is permitted in the exam, there is no restriction on any data that is entered into it, and the proctors do not clear calculator memory. The reason for this policy is that it would be too time-consuming for proctors to check every calculator and find out how to clear the memory. The calculator policy is simply a list of approved calculators and the HP 35s is on that list. This applies to both the FE and PE exams.

Yes, this can be done, and will save money if, for example, you would like the programs for the FE and PE exam on the same calculator. If this option is desired, then there is a $100 charge for the additional set of programs to be entered, in addition to the higher cost set of programs being purchased, and you will received guides for both exams. If requesting this option. A payment for the correct amount can be sent with Paypal, and enter a note on the Paypal website (when making payment) that it is for the two exams that you are requesting.

When placing a special order (such as having multiple sets of programs on one calculator, or sending in a calculator for programming), then the payment can be sent directly to sales@engineeringexamtools.comsales@engineeringexamtools.com, and comments/instructions can be provided on the Paypal payment page. If the price of a special order is unknown, an e-mail inquiry can be sent to sales@engineeringexamtools.comsales@engineeringexamtools.com. Generally, special orders cannot be processed via EBAY, since only the standard products are listed on EBAY

The HP 35s uses basic program and equation language, and the programs are presented in the guide in a format that can be easily be converted for use with different programmable calculators, including Texas Instruments. The instructions related to keystrokes might be slightly different, so the user would have to be familiar with how to enter programs on their calculator. All of the application notes, variables and other information would still apply. It is important to make sure that your calculator is on the approved list, in accordance with the NCEES exam calculator policy.

Program guides are available for download immediately. If you create an account during checkout you can login in and download the guide again up to a maximum of three times. Download links are valid for six months. Calculators are sent via USPS Priority Mail.

The program data will remain as long as batteries are installed. The data will also remain for a short time if the batteries are removed as long as they are replaced on-at-a-time. This allows batteries to be replaced without data loss. Data can also be lost if a pin is used to activate the recessed “reset” button on the back of the calculator, or if the user deletes the programs using the delete key. It is unlikely that data will be lost unintentionally.

The memory chip in the calculator is large enough to store many more equations that the user can input as needed. However, there is a limit on the number of labels that can be used for the larger programs. The programs installed use approximately 50% of the available labels.

The program guides give clear instructions and application guidelines so that the correct program is used for each question. It is recommended that the user become familiar with the programs and the user guide before the exam.

The guide that comes with the programmed calculator is the same as the guide that is sold separately, and contains all of the information needed to enter and use the programs.

The program guides give clear instructions for entering programs, and all program data is provided

This depends upon which exam is being taken, as well as the actual exam content, which can vary from one exam season to the next. Some questions do not require programs or any type of calculations. the calculator programs are designed primarily to help with the questions that require longer calculations, or a combination of short calculation steps. Many candidates have reported using more than half of the programs during the exam, and some of the programs may be applicable to multiple questions. Because of these variables, it is difficult to say how many questions can be answered using the programs.

The calculator programs were designed for use with the new format exams, and were not originally designed for the old format exams.

At the present time, there are no other companies offering an equal or alternative product that is designed specifically for the engineering licensing exams to our knowledge. There are some companies that offer basic lists of equations to be programmed into a calculator, but do not provide programs that are specifically designed for the exam questions, and do not provide detailed application notes or instructions for their equations. There are other companies that offer complex programs and software which are for use with more advanced calculators, but these calculators are not permitted to be used in the exams, under the current calculator policy.

The time savings offered by these products comes in two forms. The first saving is the time which it would take a candidate to design, enter and debug the programs. The second saving is the time that is actually saved during the exam. Most candidates run out of time before being able to fully attempt every question, and with the aid of the programmed calculator, there will be more time left to attempt a greater number of questions during the exam. another advantage is that these programs have been used many times and are fully checked for accuracy.

All of the programs for each exam (including the FE/EIT) were written by PE licensed engineers who are familiar with the FE/EIT and PE exams.

Currently we do not automatically send out e-mail confirmations when orders are placed. but standard orders are processed within five days, and the UPS tracking number is sent automatically by UPS when the item is shipped out. Items shipped to Puerto Rico will not receive an e-mail confirmation of shipping, but a tracking number will only be sent upon request.

A discount of $50 per calculator may be applied to any order of two or more programmed calculators. Shipping charge is not increased for multiple items. Payment can be made manually as described above.

ExamTools will ship to any address that is specified by the person making payment, at the time the payment is made.

The programs will run on any of the more advanced HP calculators, but these calculators are not be permitted in the exam. please refer to the NCEES calculator policy for a list of approved calculators.

The fully programmed calculators include an HP 35s calculator, a program guide and includes the service of manually entering all of the programs into the calculator.

All calculators may be returned in their original condition with stated reason for return within 30 days. The program guides may not be returned because it is the information contained within the guides that represent their value. the price of the program guide shall be subtracted from any refund issued for a calculator purchased with a program guide, unless there is a valid exception and an explanation of the reason for return.